Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This kid is officially our son! We feel so blessed to have finalized on his adoption. We love you Teyson :)

yes, i am a blogging slacker.  one day maybe i will write about things again....facebook makes it easy to quick updates, but thought provoking entries are definitely lacking.

Friday, May 31, 2013

This is for you, Maggie

Maggie said I needed to update this rusty blog. Therefore, I am. Because I always listen to my sisters...

I got to spend the morning with my middle son. I think he faked a fever somehow so he could get a little one on one time with his mom. I don't think I am all that exciting, however, he seemed to be super thrilled to have us chill, just the two of us. We took a walk. Hit up the thrift store. Watched a little cartoons. It was a nice quiet morning. He melts my heart. A few times, he'd look over at me this morning and say "Hi". Love it:) He may only say and sign a few things but I treasure each little "hi".

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grown Ups?

Last week, I met up with my other sister, Maggie, in Concourse A of Detroit Airport. She took over chasing a very active toddler around for a few minutes while I regained my bearings and then we were off again to Milwaukee! We were picked up and greeted by my brand new niece, Hannah!! Just kidding...we were so happy to see Sarah and Brian! They are awesome new parents. They are both relaxed and just so great with little Hannah. I love it when parents are just so in tune to the needs of their baby and just relaxed and in love .It was beautiful to see.

One night, we were in the kitchen making dinner. I think Hannah was asleep in a sling. Tot was running a muck, tearing through cabinets and eating Veggie Straws and teasing the dog. Maggie and Brian were cooking. Music on pandora. Just one of those moments that capture you. Here we were, all hanging out, with our kids: purchasing the food, cooking, and cleaning up. Being grown ups together. I guess whenever we go home, we somewhat revert to childhood. Mom and Dad become like parents again and we regress a bit, so I don't see my siblings (or myself) as adults. But here we were, 4 young adults, with careers, kids, pets, mortgages, vehicles, and life insurance. It was just a bit surreal.

I'm not sure I like it. This growing up thing. The responsibility.  But then on the other hand, its really cool watching our families transform, grow, and morph into this new phase of life. It is so awesome to see what awesome women my sister have become and the wonderful men they have married! I am so proud and blessed to be their sister.

For the record, I will be 30 next year.  Again.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday

My boys are 4.

How on earth can they be four already? It astounds me. I realize they do not look or act four years old so perhaps that is why I was in denial...but also, time just goes so fast. They truly do grow up in a blink of an eye.

Oh sweet little guys, we love you so much. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

old fogie parking

Before anyone worries, I was safely stopped when I took this picture:)

As a mom of four special kids, but two very super special needs, I struggle a lot with the things that go along with disabilities and handicaps. I like to avoid it basically. My kids are FINE! Just they don't walk or talk and have some health issues. Just minor little details

Over a year ago, our awesome doctor signed a form for a handicap permit. Let's just say, I was too proud to send it in. Then I lost it. And life carried on. This summer, I hurt myself.  I couldn't function 100% as their momma. I couldn't sleep because I hurt. I was exhausted and sore and still had two sweet 32 lb boys to carry around. And one 20 lb baby who wasn't yet crawling. It was hard. I started chiropractic care for myself and did six weeks of PT. I am stronger now and a lot better, and a smidge bit wiser. I got a stinking handicap permit. 

It took me a while to actually use the dang thing. I think I struggled so much was that it was more for me and my benefit than the boys. They don't care if I have to wheel them 10 feet to a door or 800 feet. 

So I was heading to a GI appointment at a somewhat busy medical office complex. I got there and the closest space was not so close. And that particular lot, the spaces are very narrow so its harder to load the boys into their stroller without banging the stroller into my van. And then I saw it. A space right by the door. With tons of room on either side. And no curb to jump with my stroller. I took a deep breath and pulled in. I got the stroller out and had room to load the boys without finagling them in some awkward contortion of myself. 

I used it again at the Milford Pumpkin Festival. A truck pulled up next to us with a little girl in a stroller. She looked like she had CP and she had a feeding tube. I smiled at the dad and said, my little boys has a feeding tube too. He smiled back at me with a familiar smile. 

Then the other day at Target. It was raining. And crowded. But those old fogie spots were all empty. I pulled in. I loaded the boys in a cart. We didn't get as wet as we normally do in the rain. Maybe that is a little bit to their health, huh? 

I guess this post doesn't have a huge point. I guess its hard to do something more for myself that says "I need help". But I kinda do. And I think I will take it by using that little blue Old Fogie Tag.

Oh I will be super happy when our ramp is done. I am so OVER hauling the boys up the stairs!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

"bibs" for older toddlers

My boy Kaden is a drooler. His hypotonia is in his mouth and cheeks and so a lot of drool still comes out of this kiddo. And lets face it, baby bibs just are not hip. He's three, he doesn't want to wear something that says: "I love my mommy" or "Drool Factory"  After googling and looking at Etsy I found some cooler looking bandana bibs - but they were pretty pricy. $20 for  bib? No thank you.  Morgann and I went to a big box store which I typically avoid and got 18 washcloths for $4. And a bunch of bandanas for $1 each.

So I spread out the bandana. Stuck a washcloth in the middle.
 Fold the bandana in half, then fold about 1.5" so that the washcloth is stuck. I will (when I find my needle and thread) sew across the fold so it stays in place in the wash.
Tie on your kid. Voila. Cheap and cute. Kaden had an especially drooly evening after this pic and it worked as well as a bib, but it still soaked through a little, but no different than one of my better bibs. Tonight he was less drooly and he didnt soak through it at all.

Friday, September 14, 2012

get away

The weekend after Labor Day is the best weekend of the year. Every year, we are blessed to attend Phil Waldrep's Pastor's Encouragement Weekend. Its one of the priorities in our marriage and scheduling. A weekend away without the kids, fellowship with friends who we don't get to see nearly enough and just time for me and Rich to relax and reconnect and just talk without interruption.

Phil Waldrep had a vision years ago to start a retreat for New England pastors and their wives- a time to relax, eat a lot, have wonderful speakers and entertainment - all for free - for us crazy people in the ministry. We are so thankful for all the people who support Phil Waldrep so that this weekend is available for us.

This year it was in North Conway, NH. The weather, as it seems to be every year, was perfect. During our free time, Rich and I headed up the Mount Washington Auto Road. It was amazing ontop of Mount Washington. Apparently, there are only about 60 clear days a year on the top, so we felt very blessed for the gorgeous day. It was 83 at the bottom of the moutain and about 54 at the peak! So cool!

Arranging childcare took a bit of finagling, but we got all the kids set and situated and headed out Thursday around 3 p.m. Thank you so much to Shannon, Kristina, Kristopher, Lynn, and Kelly for taking care of our wild crew.

I felt especially blessed by God as Phil Waldrep gave all the wives $125 in gift cards for the adjoining outlets outside our hotel. As I walked around, supposed to just spend the money on me - I realized I didn't need a thing. I ended up buying a little cute clutch which I so don't need, but it was cute and a few other little things. Rich used the rest of the money to buy a few "pastor clothes" items. We are so blessed. Our kids don't need a thing - they have more clothes than I can count. We are really blessed. Did I say that already? Yeh. We are.